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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Dirk's a true icon in Sin City. Father, guitar player/singer, producer, tattoo artist, business owner and TV star? Good lord when does he sleep?! Dirk's next project is the upcoming book tentatively titled: The Devil and Dirk Vermin?! An unapologetic and not so modest history of growing up in and surviving Las Vegas with a completely biased social commentary loaded with subversive and agnostic ideology on the way to selling my soul to become a short-lived reality TV star!

Tattoo artist extraordinaire for almost 2 decades, Dirk owns PussyKat Tattoo Parlor in Fabulous Las Vegas, which was established in 1999. He is the guitarist/singer in The Vermin, Vegas' oldest most respected punk band and star of A&E's Bad Ink

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I am currently booked for tattooing through 2014 and will not be taking on any new clients until next year. I do apologize. - Dirk Vermin
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