Dirk Vermin
The Man, The Myth, The Website!

(Father, TV guy, musician, tattoo artist, businessman, writer, producer, cigars and booze!)

Tattoo artist extraordinaire for 2 decades, Dirk owns PussyKat Tattoo Parlor in Fabulous Las Vegas, est. 1999. He is the guitarist/singer in "Dirk Vermin & the Hostile Talent" and star of A&E's Bad Ink

"I am NOT tattooing at this time but 2016 is the beginning of my upcoming lifestyle brand! This includes my own beer, cigars, wine, more TV, an incredible merchandise launch and TOO much more to tell!

Stay tuned for my book: "The Devil and Dirk Vermin?!" (An unapologetic and not so modest history of growing up in and surviving Las Vegas with a completely biased social commentary loaded with subversive and agnostic ideology on the way to selling my soul to become a short-lived reality TV star!)

I stand right now at the best place in my life... Thanks to all of YOU, the fans, the people who have stood by patiently as I move forward! I love you all!"... Dirk

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